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funeral flowersSincere Funerals, are committed in delivering the most dignified and empathetic funeral services for any denominational and non-denominational funeral service. We have the respect, care, knowledge, experience and capability to ensure we conduct the most respectful funeral service that your loved one deserves no matter what your race, religion, beliefs, values, rituals or customs may be.

Our Funeral homes offer unique care in tailoring funeral services that are appropriate, meaningful, dignified and affordable from the traditional to the contemporary. Our goal is to provide the very best of care for both the family and the departed family member. We offer a flexible approach to funeral planning - compassion and understanding with gently guiding you and your family through the process of arranging a beautiful service for your loved one.

We see ourselves not only as compassionate, but empathetic also – we place ourselves in your situation and do our best to understand what you are going through in order to help you as much as possible, down to the smallest detail.

No Service / No Attendance Cremation Service Cost

$1950 (excl. GST)


  • Transfer of your loved one into our care.
  • Medical Practitioner and Certified Cremation Permit.
  • Coffin
  • Cremation fees at Crematorium.
  • Registration of Death Certificate with Death, Birth & Marriages.
  • Original Death Certificate.
  • Standard Ashes Urn.

(No Hidden Costs)

Cremation Service Cost


$4500 (excl. GST)


  • Transfer of your loved one into our care Our Professional Services
  • Mortuary Care & Preparation
  • Professional Fees
  • Sydney Crematorium Fees for a Monday-Friday service and chapel booking
  • An Australian made coffin from our catalogue
  • Floral arrangement for the coffin
  • 12 Reflection Roses
  • Hearse Hire
  • 100 personalised memorial or thank you cards
  • Registration of Death Certificate with Death, Birth & Marriages
  • Standard Ashes Urn

(No Hidden Costs)

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