Planning a Funeral - What are the Funeral Costs?

Religious Services

We conduct funeral services for any religious denomination. Whether you are Christian, Catholic, Roman Catholic, Protestant, Hindu, Buddhist, Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, or any other denomination, we cater to the needs of everyone.

We understand and respect that each ceremony is individually important and because Australia is so culturally diverse, we are well aware that we need to cater to and respect the needs of each and every cultural and racial group.

Non-religious services

We respect that your loved one may not have been religious, but you will still want to celebrate their life. Celebration of life and a farewell has nothing to do with religion, it’s humanitarian. A universal tradition that is used around the world. We know that a funeral can be catered to anyone’s needs, whatever their belief system may be. We are all about providing you with a comfortable and welcoming setting for you to say goodbye.

Burial or Cremation?

We know that choosing whether your loved one is buried or cremated if they haven’t stated their wishes is a personal one. We can assist you in making that decision for your loved one and if pre-planned, we are ready to assist you with any questions or queries to ensure the process is streamlined.


Embalming involves disinfecting a body, and preserving it for funeral or other services.

Embalming is not necessary for all funeral services, the following circumstances require embalming: when a body is buried above ground, or when a body needs to be transported overseas.

We offer full embalming and temporary preservations for your funeral service, and this can be arranged by calling us, or meeting with one of our funeral assistants.

Traditional/Contemporary services

We are open to any of your requests or needs, whether it is a traditional service in a church of your choice, a quiet but contemporary chapel service close to the grave site, or an environmentally friendly service with an environmentally friendly coffin, and a tree planting ceremony.


Viewing is a special time for the family and friends to pay their respects and private farewells before the funeral service is conducted.Holding a viewing is a valuable

experience and is traditional for many cultures and religions. We acknowledge that a viewing may be different for certain religions and cultures, so we can cater to your needs, or discuss any requirements you may have.

Sincere Funerals guarantee you the best attention in arranging and conducting the most special aspect of your loved one's service.


Overseas repatriation is very common and families who wish their loved ones to return to their original place of birth in other countries or states. It is essential that the correct procedures are adhered to. The process can take a number of days to finalise, particularly as full embalming of the deceased is required. Documentation is also required regarding health departments, foreign agencies Consulate-General of the country concerned and airline bookings.


A Pre-Arranged Funeral is where a client may discuss with a Funeral Director their preferences for a type and style of funeral and the Funeral Director may record these preferences for future reference, but no formal agreement is entered into for that specific funeral. It will be the responsibility of the client’s family or executor to arrange the funeral and to pay for it at the time of the funeral. Discussing your Pre – Arranged funeral plan with Sincere Funerals is free of charge.


A Pre – Paid funeral plan allows you to decide now what you want regarding your funeral and also pay at today's price. The cost is fixed forever.

Leaving your loved ones with no more to pay and know your wishes.

Your pre – payment is securely lodged with a recognised funeral funds manager. Discussing your Pre – Paid funeral plan with Sincere Funerals is free of charge.

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